Dressing Your Newborn Baby

images (1)Buying clothes for your infant can be daunting. New moms should consider quality first when buying clothes. One way to know the quality of the clothes is by checking the fabric, which should be soft to the touch. Nice fabric makes comfortable clothes. For infants, comfy clothes are a must. Newborn clothes should be made of a good material, which should not irritate your baby’s skin.

• Good Fabric – Clothes that are made of cotton or wool are recommended for their ability to provide comfort during the warm summer months. They are also good for keeping the skin warm during the winter months. There is also a talk about organically made baby clothing. These garments have a chemical-free fabric. Hence, they will not harm the infant’s delicate skin.

• Nice Fit – The size of the clothes you buy is important. That seems obvious, though. If certain outfits look too tight or too loose for your baby, they may make your newborn uncomfortable. Because you need clothes that fit your child just right, you may realize that you need to buy a new batch of garments in the near future. Babies grow fast, and they easily outgrow their pieces of clothing.

• Unadorned – Avoid clothes with zippers, bows, knots and embellishments, as they could press against the baby’s skin. For instance, zippers on the front of any kind of clothing can cause discomfort if he or she lies on his or her stomach.

• Easy to Clean – Everyday, you will be washing everything that your child has used. Unless you have a room full of newborn outfits, you will need to wash the ones available frequently. Most outfits for babies in the market are made for easy washing. This is good, because they regularly pee or poo, that it could leak out of their diaper. Soiled clothes will have to be removed and washed right away.

You have to examine the newborn dresses you buy online. Usually, it’s hard to figure out if those sold online are made of a good quality fabric or if they will fit your child. Asking the seller about the details is a simple solution. Sellers should write the description of the outfits they are selling.

Dressing your newborn can be both exciting and frightening. For new moms, this can be a little too overwhelming. You have to make sure that your newborn is clothed properly. At the same time, you have to do it gently, so you will not hurt your child. Here are some tips:

• Don’t bend the fingers and toes. Hold the sleeve up and then hold the baby’s arm to guide it through the sleeve.

• Don’t forget the gloves and socks. They will keep your baby warm.

• Diaper changes are necessary. This is early parenthood 101. Remember that side-snapping diapers are easier to remove and put on. Babies pee or poo in their diapers, and you will notice they need changing once you hear their cry-that means the diaper is wet and is uncomfortable for them.

• Newborns don’t need shoes yet. They have tiny delicate feet, which will be irritated if they wear shoes. It’s also hard to put shoes on a newborn. As your child grows older, you may want to get soft rubber shoes just to keep their feet warm, especially if you are going out.

• Watch out for signs of discomfort and irritation. Babies cry when they feel uncomfortable. Watch out for skin rashes, which is a sign of irritation.

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