Newborn Baby Clothes Checklist and Considerations

s_nf_5506_51955With your due date approaching, you’ll want to make sure you have the newborn baby clothes you need for your new little one.  With a little planning and creativity, you can have the right clothes and baby accessories for your family addition before you go to the hospital.  Use our list here and add some thoughts of your own to make sure you have what you definitely need and to check out other clothing items and accessories you may like to include as well.

Before you purchase all of your baby outfits, you should be aware what baby sizes really are so you can cover what you might need as well as what you normally would purchase anyway.  An outfit that is labeled NB or simply “Newborn” generally fits babies up to seven pounds and 17 inches.  While you might find some stretching, there will not be a lot of flexibility, especially considering how quickly your baby will grow in his or her first few weeks.  It is good to have some newborn sized clothing since you never know for sure what size your baby will be until the scale meets little junior or miss princess, but you’ll also want to have some 0 to 3 month size clothing available right from the beginning as well.  Clothing labeled “Up to 3 months” or listed as 0 to 3 months is generally for infants 7 to 12 pounds and 17 to 23 inches.  Considering you won’t know your baby’s birth size for sure and also considering how quickly infants grow, it makes sense to have a few 3 to 6 month size clothing at home as well.  3 to 6 month size clothing is made to fit babies that weigh between 12 to 17 pounds and that measure 23 to 27 inches in length.  Hopefully your doctor will be able to give you a better idea of what your baby will weigh by the last part of your pregnancy, giving you a better ability to purchase the sizes that most closely fit your child’s immediate needs, but having a few in all those first sizes would be a good idea.

Also before you plan a purchase list, consider how you want to handle colors schemes.  If you don’t know your baby’s sex yet, or even if you do but like the idea of having gender-neutral outfits, will you want to include more unisex choices, pieces that would work for either a boy or a girl, or do you like the idea of very bold colored outfits that would fit either gender as well?  Are you more interested in getting traditional boy or girl colors, or might you consider some neutrally colored clothing?  Even some newborn baby clothes for boys can be cute when worn by a little girl, especially if daddy plans on watching Sunday afternoon football games with his little baby girl.  Regardless of what you choose, you’ll find a wide array of outfits that are both functional and fun.

Once you add the few additional purchases of other sized newborn clothing to your overall checklist and then determine what look and color you want to have in your baby’s dresser, you’re ready to start a basic plan for all the cute newborn baby clothes you are going to want to have on hand when you come home from the hospital.

Your list of items should include most of the following (not including additional pieces of various sizes):

4 to 6 white t shirts (great for wearing with a diaper when feeding or right after a bath) 
6 to 8 baby one-sies (short sleeves and not covering legs) 
6 to 8 light weight, full-cover bodysuits 
6 to 8 quality sleepers or Sleep ‘N Play outfits (good for outings and at home) 
2 to 3 special outfits 
5 to 6 socks 
2 baby hats 
3 to 5 scratch mitts 
1 to 2 pairs of shoes 
1 to 2 pieces of outside apparel such as a baby bunting bag, coat, jacket, or car seat cover

While that may seem like a large list, you can usually find good deals on newborn clothes, so you’ll find the cost is not that bad after all.  You’ll also be glad to have what you truly need in your home.  The idea when you’re purchasing newborn baby clothes for boys or girls is to have enough on hand to spend more time with your baby than with your washing machine!

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